The Importance of Bamboo Fabric

The Desoto Hotel uses an array of fabrics in our top quality rooms. Bamboo sheets are just one of the types of sheets that we’re committed to using. Bamboo fabric is versatile, organic and antibacterial. Plus, they’re super soft and comfortable.

Bamboo Kills Germs

Bamboo bedsheets are antibacterial. Several studies show that bamboo fabric actually kills about 99% of germs.

Soft and Adaptable to Weather

The sheets also naturally adapt to the weather or room temperature, keeping you warm in the cold weather, and nice and cool in hotter weather. Why? Well, not only are the sheets softness wonderful for people with more sensitive skin, but the natural bamboo fibers helps to redistribute moisture, pulling any moisture deep into the bamboo fibers and away from the actual surface of the bedsheet.

No Pesticides, No Pests

Bamboo itself contains a natural antibacterial agent called bamboo kun. Thanks to the bamboo kun, bamboo plants don’t need pesticide or fertilizers to keep the pests away. The fact that bamboo kun changes form – from plant to bedsheet – doesn’t matter. Pests will still stay away from it.


Photo by Foilman

 by Marissa Cohen

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