Green Hurricane Preparation

Hurricane Season runs from June 1 to November 30, but hurricanes have been known to happen regardless of the dates. Be prepared – and stay green – with this hurricane preparation list. Canned Goods If you want to maintain a green or eco-friendly lifestyle, ditch the Campbell’s Soup cans for

Checking in with The Green 2012 Kickoff

A few weeks ago, we ran a post about kickstarting a new, green 2012. These basic, eco-friendly decisions were meant to brush the dust off our green attitudes and start the new year off on the right foot. The three green 2012 kickoffs were walking anywhere, buying a reusable water

Where Do You Fit on the Green Travel Scale?

Green travel can be divided up into three camps: the beginners, the intermediates, and the heavyweights. Where do you fit in – and how can you improve your green travel habits? Are You a Beginner? Beginners recycle only sometimes while at home, if they can find the bin. Maybe you’ve

Green Goodness: On-the-Go Travel Snacks

It’s fall and  that means all things cinnamon, cool, crisp, and warm. Fall means green soups, herbs, and wonderful smells. It also means autumn snacks. Some of these snacks even pack well for a yummy travel snack. There’s a lot that you can do with organic apples. One of my

4 Questions to Ask Eco-Friendly Hotels

Is your green hotel really green? Or is your hotel merely trying to dip into the pond of eco-travel? Here are some tips to separate the truly eco-friendly from the environmental pretenders. Local Staff A good sign of an eco-friendly lodging is to find out if the people employed by