Green Travel and the Wikipedia Blackout

In order to protest the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), Wikipedia was among the many websites to black out during the week of January 16. No matter what your political beliefs are, the fact that several websites went dark starting on Wednesday, January 18th marked a gigantic internet protest.

It also led to hundreds, if not thousands, of college students unleashing their full-fledged panic on Twitter , worrying that they’d never get their homework done without the help of Wiki.

Where Would Green Travelers Be Without Technology?

Green Travel and the Wikipedia Blackout

Along similar lines, what would the lack of technology do for green travel? Let’s suppose for a moment that all personal computers and iPhones went down for one week.

Would Twitter would be alive with panicked green travelers bemoaning the loss of their GPS-systems?

Getting back to nature completely is powerful, but could we do it?

What if every last person took one day a week to turn off everything and then went out into the world to find something interesting to do that didn’t involve a phone, a computer, or a tablet? If America’s student population seems confounded and terrified by the temporary lack of Wiki, where would that leave green travelers? While there’s plenty to be said for the information age, what do we have left when information goes silent?

Brush Up on our MapReading Skills

How many of us are conditioned to reach for a map app instead of having an instinctive directional knowledge? Being without personal technology would give us the chance to get back to the travel basics of map reading (although once we get the personal technology going again, this travel app won an EPA award in late 2011).

Talk to People

If we’re left without our personal technology, we might have to ask directions from total strangers. Even if we’re not usually techzombies wrapped up in our phones or iPads, relying on a sense of community might be a rusty skill for some of us, and might make us feel as new for us as for some of those Wiki-starved college students who seem to have forgotten how to use a library.

By Marissa Cohen

Photo By huronbikes

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